Computertrans offers a wide range of services related to ATM’s. These services include transportation, installation, refurbishment, maintenance, commissioning and decommission.


Computertrans specialises in the transportation of ATM’s. With an extensive fleet specifically equipped to handle sensitive freight, coupled with experienced fleet staff, Computertrans has become the leading freight company within this market.


Due to the complex nature of installation, this process requires qualified and practiced personnel. The staff at Computertrans can provide complete site inspections, site drawings and plans for council approval and project scheduling involving all contractors, owners and occupiers. Computertrans has the practical experience in all electrical, data and security wiring of ATM’s and the ability to supply and fit out ATM signage, accessories and perform construction tasks.

Refurbishment & Maintenance

Computertrans offers external aesthetic, internal component maintenance and complete refurbishment. Our maintenance department can perform hardware upgrades (return to base), loading of software, alarm installations and airbrushing of ATM’s, surrounds and bezels/window kits for refurbishment or requested colour matching. Computertrans staff inspect and test security lighting as well as clean card readers for improved ATM functionality. We are able to upgrade the aesthetic of machines through hand polishing stainless steel ATM components and accessories, replacing and or cleaning ATM fascias, stickers, bezel signage and litter bins.


At the end of their useful life, ATM’s can be de-installed by our competent fleet staff and removed. The ATM can be returned to a Computertrans depot for certified destruction and recycling.