Sensitive Freight

Would you like the movement of your sensitive freight to be handled with care & respect? In the past, your sensitive freight may have been “damaged in transit” or delivered at the wrong time. Computertrans specialises in the movement of sensitive freight to meet your requirements – exactly!

Computertrans are Industry Leaders in the delivery & relocation of delicate items. We have extensive experience in the movement of freight as diverse as medical and scientific equipment, artwork, sensitive IT hardware and museum artefacts. Our trained specialists know how to select the most appropriate materials and packaging method for your needs, to give you peace-of-mind when sending highly fragile and valuable items.

Moving expensive and sensitive equipment is not a task for any transport company. Not only do we have the appropriate vehicles, but a team of experienced staff to ensure that your freight is handled both professionally and sensitively. Computertrans actively seek to use the best resources available to protect your shipment, and have the expertise to confidently and reliably complete your job.